Neil Bridge 7+ with Karen Lee



Neil Bridge’s “Quintessence!”


with Karen Lee


Featuring Jazz Guitarist


Wayne Wilkinson

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Thank you so much for visiting our website!

I am so grateful for my ongoing inspiration to create, play and perform music!

It is very important to me to pass along the sheer beauty and joy of the music I grew up with. This music and style that I am referring to is from The Great American Songbook as well as Classic American Musical Standards.

Together –  my wife, Karen Lee & I —  invite you to share in the joy of this music with us.

“Neil has upheld the highest standards in musicianship and music education…as well as swinging without remorse! Truly a long-time giant of Denver’s jazz scene, Neil and his muse, Karen Lee Bridge, will remind you with his classic arrangements and impeccable taste, of why we love this most American of music styles.”  Ricky Rodriguez Denver City Park Jazz Festival 2013


      1. So Many Stars

      2. Groovin' In The City

      3. Neil Bridge 7+ - Little Sunflower

      4. Neil Bridge 7+ - Jeannine

      5. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

      6. How High The Moon - Vocal

      7. Tune 88

      8. Jitterbug Waltz

      9. Moondance - Vocal

      10. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight

      11. Neil Bridge 7+ - Red Clay

      12. El Puente es Caliente

      13. Soulful Strut

      14. The Summer Knows

      15. The Girl From Ipanema - Vocal

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